An Update on Updates

You’ve probably noticed that I blog a lot less than I used to. I started this site over 10 years ago(!) as a way to get my confused but excited thoughts about this new, amazing side of me out there to make some sort of sense.

I used to upload photos or blog about almost every scene/experience I had, and for a time I probably did get a bit sucked into enjoying the “likes” my “content” got me, although that was never the main intention, and I can honestly say that stuff I blogged about or uploaded was truthful (no quick setups just for the camera, or exaggerated explanations or durations of scenes).

As time went on, I switched to only blogging/uploading new experiences or important/interesting things, but sometimes even that started to feel like too much of an insight into personal experiences/friendships, or that I simply didn’t want to or wasn’t able to publicly share how I felt about certain things.

I also stopped caring as much about getting photos/video of every part of every scene – I still enjoy having these to look back at, and I still take photos/videos where it feels right, but a scene is rarely as fun if you’re more concerned about how it’ll look on the camera or when you upload it later.

Now, 179 posts later, I don’t at all regret starting the blog. I was always surprised when got messages from people who I didn’t know who stumbled across this site or my profiles elsewhere. Some people just liked the porn – others liked that I shared thoughts or captioned photos with how everything felt at the time. Some of those messages turned into real friendships, for which I’m very thankful.

Just to be clear – nothing is wrong, I’m not upset about anything and I’m still very much enjoying what I do – it’s just that people and priorities change. I’m not disappearing either – I’m still (kind of) regular at posting stuff on Twitter as it’s quick and easy, and I’m sure there will be more blog posts and media to upload – it’ll just be more based on when it feels right to do so.

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