About Electro Play

Electro is something I’ve had a love/hate relationship with until recently. It’s something that can feel like nothing else when done right and it forces you to shoot your load, or amazingly frustrating when it gets you hard, but doesn’t *quite* get you to that point of no return.

The first time I tried electro, I was unbelieveably nervous. I’m not really into pain, and the thought of a device that can be turned up so high that I’m screaming scared me to say the least! Thankfully, it started slowly, just a small tingle, before horniness took over and I was begging for more. That theme has pretty much continued since then – when it feels right, it makes me moan and thrust more than anything else I’ve tried.

There’s just something about it – it feels unlike any other sensation, and you can constantly be on that pleasure/pain border and always tempted to want that little bit more to push yourself. With a hit of poppers, you can push that limit a bit further…until they wear off and you’re stuck with the intensity you begged for!

The biggest advice I could give for someone wanting to get into electro is to try it on yourself if possible. It can be unbelieveably frustrating to be tied up in gear and electroed and for it not to feel right. For me at least, I’ve only really found out what works through experimenting with electro on myself. There’s so many variables to try: different types of electro boxes, electrodes, programs…even which way round the poles of the electrodes are! Once you know what works for you, that information can be used against you when strapped down…

It’s taken me until I’ve bought my own ET-312 box to find what’s really right for me (the “waves” program on channel B on my cock and balls, combined with a coronal electrode for those taking notes!), but I’m still left wanting to expand the experience more. My biggest issue is that I’m not quite as in love with anal electro as I am with it on my cock and balls. I tend to find anal electro distracts me too much from what’s going on in my cock – though there have been a couple of times when it’s been the best thing in the world and I’ve never wanted it to stop. I just need to get more practice (or have the choice taken away from me!), and I’m sure I’ll enjoy being electroed in two places at once – riding each wave as it passes through me and forces me to twitch.

I dream of seeing what electro I’m really capable of coping with when I have no choice over the course of a long session. I fanatasise about being made to endure electro as I shoot, and for it to keep going afterwards until I shoot a second time. I’m not sure if that’s possible – but I’m sure it’ll be fun to try!

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