A Week Locked Up

A couple of weekends ago, in a moment of madness/horniness, I finally gave in and locked my Steelheart chastity device on, threw the keys in a time lock box, set the timer to one week, pressed the button and stared at the 3 second countdown.

Those 3 seconds were filled with excitement and horny thoughts, which were amplified when the box locked shut and I properly thought about what I’d done. I’d spent way too long telling people “I should be locked for a week”, but never going for it, so it felt right to be finally doing it. I’d spent most of the previous week or two talking to friends about long term chastity, and over time it just became such an enticing thing to want to do, I couldn’t resist the horniness of doing it.

I’m some ways, it was also kinda scary – I had no idea if I’d be able to cope with the device for so long (as previously I’d felt sore from it by the end of my previous 4 day record), plus the usual anxiety about the bulge at work and out and about. What if I needed out? What if I didn’t enjoy it?

However, it didn’t get off to the best start – I came down with a bad cold within the first 24 hours, and so couldn’t exactly enjoy the “benefits” of being locked up for the first few days. I still had some horny thoughts, but lacked the energy to feel frustrated or gear up.

Once I got over the cold, and back in gear, I was definitely feeling the “benefits” of the device, and gradually got used to wearing it. I learnt a fair bit about it during the week, and a fair bit about myself too:

  • Sleeping gets easier – besides a few nights waking up at 3am, twitching and straining in the device, I at least got used to it enough to fall asleep reliably.
  • Rubbing the device is surprisingly good – I never thought I’d enjoy rubbing a chastity device, which gives almost no stimulation, but how wrong I was. Stroking my new metal cock and playing with my balls became my only source of self-pleasure, and the more I did it, the better it felt. I enjoyed having no way to get off, and the metal started to feel great.
  • Cleaning and lubing is important – I tried to shower and lube twice each day, though still had some discomfort by the end of the week. I had a hot bath about half way through the week, and that helped too. I did have a small sore spot on my cock head by the end when I unlocked (so clearly I still have something to learn), but it was better than I was expecting.
  • Mood swings happen (and encouragement helps a lot) – I was certainly a lot hornier than usual most of the time, and probably way too keen to stay that way. I did have moments of boredom in the device, wishing I could do something or feeling like the week was pointless, but with some encouragement, I got through those and mostly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to everyone who put up with me last week!
  • You get used to wearing it – at first the weight and the bulge is very distracting and you feel a bit self-conscious about it. Over time, however, I actually enjoyed the slight weight on my balls all day. I stopped fretting about it maybe being visible at work, and even wore it to the gym without any issues or self-consciousness. Now it’s the day after I was unlocked and I actually feel weird now that I don’t have the weight…
  • Being stroked after a week is so much more intense (as is the orgasm at the end of it all) – Rubberwulf strapped me down in my catsuit, latex drysuit and the GA4 for some Venus torment and it was amazingly horny.
  • You kind of want to explore more – part of me wanted to keep the device on longer to see how much further I could go, and out of curiosity to see how my mood would change. However due to the sore spot I was getting, Stopping after the week was a good idea this time. Always more to explore in the future!

I’d say my opinion of chastity changes more the longer I wear it. Each time, I feel like I “get” it that bit more, and understand more why my friends do it for longer periods. I still enjoy being able to get myself off from time to time, however, but I certainly appreciate chastity and abstaining that bit more due to last week.

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