A Table of Results

For years, I’ve wanted a playspace of my own – somewhere I can be restrained or restrain another gimp for some geary fun. After receiving my bonus at the end of last year, I looked around for a bondage table of my own. The friends I have who had their own tables had either bought them from places which were no longer in business or they had built their own. Building my own wasn’t an option (I’m far from being creative or handy in any way!), so I had to track down somewhere that still made and sold them online.

A friend told me that a site called Style Fetish in Germany made bondage furniture of various kinds, and after a brief skim through their site, I saw a table which was close enough to what I wanted. After fretting about it for a couple of weeks (and probably annoying all my friends talking about the thing!), I caved in and ordered the table.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go smoothly. Like other kink companies I’ve dealt with in the past, they were very keen to respond to emails before I placed my order, but as soon as they had my money, getting information out of them was like getting blood out of a stone. Eventually, I got a lead time of 3 weeks from them, but that turned out to be rather optimistic. I chased them around the 3 week mark, only to be ignored. Eventually by week 4, I was told that the order had shipped, but that they had no tracking information they could give me.

2 weeks later, and still no table. The company ignored several emails, and I threatened to complain to PayPal for a refund if I did’t hear from them with some form of shipping information. I ended up messaging them to cancel my order, as I had run out of patience. 2 hours later, I got a call from a courier company in the UK, saying they had a package to deliver to me the next day…

I cancelled my cancellation… and took delivery of the table the next day. The thing was heavy! The delivery guy and I struggled to get it into the house. He left me and 62kg of bondage table, still wrapped up, in the kitchen – too heavy for me to get it upstairs on my own. Rubberwulf arrived home that evening, and the two of us (eventually) got the table in place in our spare room. Problem 1 was solved – I finally had the table, and it was finally put together in the right place.

Problem 2 quickly became apparent – I’d ordered the table with 20 bondage straps, but they really weren’t as nice as I’d hoped. They were a weird kind of fake leather and plastic, and some were much too long to be used for binding arms and legs. I knew I’d have to buy a different kind, or make some of my own. I liked the type that Rocket and Rubberfreak had on their tables in Chicago – nylon webbing with cam lever buckles, so I took advantage of Rocket’s table while we visited in March. I measured the straps on his table, and ordered the material just before we left to travel back to the UK.

Once we arrived home, I cut the webbing to the lengths I’d measured, and melted the ends of the straps with a blowtorch in order to tidy them up. The final stage was the hard part – sewing the webbing onto the cam buckles. I’ve never used a sewing machine in my life, so the 8 or so hours it took me to prepare all 19 straps were full of swearing, frustration, learning and ultimately a rewarding feeling when it was complete.

The completed table

The completed table

Today, 10 or so weeks after ordering it in the first place, Rubberwulf helped me test out the table for the first time…


I’d say the stress was worth it – the table was comfortable, and the straps held me down, as much as I struggled to escape after I shot my load. I’m sure as time goes on, there’ll be some further impovements to make, but for now, it’s certainly a promising start. Here’s hoping the table will see plenty of horny gimps and horny times…

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