A Rubber Pup

Before I’d tried rubber for the first time, I’d fantasised about becoming a “slave” to someone – kept in rubber and doing what I was told to do. However, after trying rubber for the first couple of times, I realised that my fantasy wasn’t what I wanted at all. My dream was cold, hard and sterile: it might’ve provided me with some sexual enjoyment, but very little else. I discovered that kink was something to enjoy, something you can have fun and a laugh while doing. Obviously there are “serious” moments or sessions, but being able to enjoy yourself at other times is important too. As my experience and confidence grew, I began to enjoy being more playful in gear, and thought I might’ve been onto something…

The first time I saw photos or videos of pup play (again, before I’d actually experienced kink or rubber), I just thought “that’s really, really weird”. However, that changed once I’d realised I enjoyed being playful in gear. I became increasingly interested in it, and was giving serious consideration to actually trying it. Unfortunately, some issues with some people put me off the idea of pup play entirely. Because of my experience of chatting to those guys, I couldn’t help linking “pup play” to “bad people”, and I lost any interest I had in it as a result.

Obviously, things have changed. Late in 2008 I started chatting to Boots. Over the last few months, he’s helped me get my confidence back, and given me some very good advice on how to be a pup. He helped me to regain my interest in pup play, and for that I’m more than thankful.

My biggest worry about pup play was that I’d not be able to get into it – I’d feel too silly. I was so excited about trying pup play (almost as much as I was for trying rubber the first time), that I was worried I’d be in for a big let down if I didn’t like it after all.

I met mesjbnd this past weekend (beginning of February). We’d planned on him letting me try pup play for awhile, but with my loss of interest last year, other things took priority and pup play had been pretty much forgotten. This time, however, I couldn’t wait to try it. For once, the excitement had beaten my nerves, and he helped me into some rubber gear: my catsuit and his rubber socks, hooded S10 (he’d forgotten to pack his pup hood) and rubber mitts (locked on). He went into the shower, and I lay on the bed while I waited for him.

This is where it gets surprisingly hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. I don’t know if it was the mitts, or just the combination of the gear, but something happened to me as I lay there waiting for him. For once, I was relaxed, my mind clear of all worry. I curled up on my side on the bed, and patiently waited for him to finish in the shower. When he came back, he rubbed the top of the hood, and called me a “good pup”. Those two words helped me even more, I was happy… I was a pup. I sat up for him, like a pup, and nuzzled him while he stroked my head and the back of my neck.

I rubbed him with one of my “paws”, and I felt so happy I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. I embraced the playfulness I’d slowly discovered over the past few months, and did either what I was told, or what my instincts told me to do – not a worry or complicated thought passed through my head. I also discovered that I was not only playful, but slightly boisterous as well, and enjoying every second of it. I enjoyed the fact I was being told what to do in a way, but also that I could still enjoy myself and be cared for (the missing part of my “slave” fantasy).

After about half an hour, I had a little break. He took the mitts and hooded S10 off me, and I spent about 5 minutes sitting on the bed just thinking “wow”. I asked if it was ok if I could try his plug tail, just to see what it was like. With quite a bit of struggling (and a little help), I had the tail in, and he helped put the hooded S10 and mitts back on me. I spent another (very enjoyable) hour in “pup mode”, enjoying wagging my tail to express how happy I was. If anything, the tail helped me feel even more like a pup, and I enjoyed myself even more. Unfortunately, I’m still not used to anal toys, so the tail began to feel uncomfortable and I could no longer relax. He helped me out of the mitts, I had another, even bigger “wow” moment to myself, and went to take the plug out. The rest of the weekend was enjoyable, as I now knew how to relax and enjoy playing.

I truly feel like I’ve finally discovered my “thing”. I think that pup play is a big thing for me, just as I hoped it’d be before I tried it last weekend. I’ve discovered this new side to myself, and I think it’s going to be fun exploring it more. Just like I embraced rubber, I’m going to embrace pup play.

Now all I need is a pup name…

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