2010 – Year of the GearPup

2010 was a year with many ups and downs, but on the pervy side of things, it was more than I could ever have dreamt for. I’ve never known 12 months to be filled with so many surprises, so much excitement and so much to learn. I would never have dared to think that I’d have my own bike gear, have been on the back of a motorbike, been to a very pervy private party and had some of my biggest fantasies actually happen.

The pervy year ended with me breaking my rubbery abstinence on Christmas Eve. Boots and ZX6Rlad picked me up that evening, and I was ready for them in my bike gear (despite going in their car). My nerves were all over the place, both at the thought of what would happen to me when I was there, but also what was about to happen to me on the journey there – standing outside their car on the street, Boots got me to turn around while he locked his rubber pup hood on me, in full view of anyone who might have been watching. They would’ve seen a bikerpup diving onto the back seat of the car as quickly as he could, and trying to hide!

I nervously and excitedly looked out of the windows as we passed people, a strange mixture of wanting them not to look, but also wondering what it would feel like if they looked and noticed the perv locked in the hood. Reaching behind my head to feel that the padlock was real was enough to have me instantly hard in my leathers, and more and more I wanted the attention of those we passed on the journey.

Later that evening, I finally got to wear my rubber gear, some of it for the first time. I finally got to be a complete rubber pup, even with my own tail (which went in surprisingly easily – Boots had been right!). Boots well and truly showed his Alpha side, and I genuinely was overwhelmed by it all – I couldn’t have asked for a better session to end the year.

I spent Christmas with Boots and ZX6Rlad, who kindly let me stay with them for a few days, and made me feel welcome as always and happy to be spending the holidays with people who have come to be like family to me. I joined them and Tieme the following weekend to see in the new year.

The start of 2011 hasn’t been the best, and I find myself feeling a bit out of sorts, less positive about what may be ahead. There are things I need to sort out, things I want/need to do in the next 12 months and maybe there’ll also be some good news and surprises that I don’t dare dream about.

My friends made last year for me – I just hope we all have a good year and things improve for us and we continue to have fun, excitement, pervyness and each other.

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